Match play

The hole game (English " Match Play ") is a form of play in the Gulf, which was the only game form until the introduction of Zählspiels in 1759.

It is played by two parties whereby one party is either a single player or a team of two players. The party that has scored on a fairway, the lower stroke rate ( " Score" ), wins the hole and receives a point that will be added depending on the state of the game to the result or subtracted from, as the difference of the holes obtained is counted. If both parties have played the same score, the hole is shared, the intermediate result remains unchanged. The betting game wins the party that has won in excess of fixed rounds the most holes. Normally, there is a round of 18 holes, another hole number is only possible by appointment or by specifying the Tournament Director. A hole game but is not expected only in exceptional cases more than one round.

Is it after the last game to be hole draw ( "all square" ) and a winner must be determined, as it comes to the so-called extra holes. Here, the game continues until one player wins a hole and thus the match. This is especially important competitions in the elimination system of the case here, since yes, a player must get to the next round. Is the game, however, only part of an aggregated result, it remains the draw. In such competitions, such as the Ryder Cup, a victory with a point, a draw half a point for the team is ranked.

If an unassailable lead before the end of the stipulated round, a player, so the hole game is over. If the projection of a player, for example, three points, but are only two holes to play, so we speak of a final score of " 3 and 2" ( = 3 and still play 2). This is sometimes shortened to " 3 to 2 " colloquially. Thus on 18 holes of highest victory " 10 and 8" and the most concise ( no extra holes) " 1 and 0", while respecting linguistic shortening to " 1 to" is the rule here.

If a match play net counted, the worse player gets called specification punches that are distributed to the holes to be played. This means that if a player with handicap 18 on each fairway just one stroke needed as a player with handicap 0, he has shared all 18 holes and thus the match. If he wants to win a hole, so he must have the same or a better score than his opponent achieve. He will cut a hole on the other hand, at least two strokes worse, he has lost that hole.

If the number of grants to be preset beats a multiple of the number of gambling holes, so necessarily there will be a non-uniform distribution. This one is based on the difficulty of the holes, which is predetermined by the operator of the golf course. The default shocks are then allocated to the easiest hole in order from the most difficult.

A special feature of the hole game is that you can give the enemy punches, all the holes or the whole game. A Gifted shock is holed, a -given hole is won for the " recipient ". Usually you give the hole only if one sees himself no chance to win it. Donated strokes to express that you are sure the enemy would have anyway holed the ball. The targeted taverns can also be a tactic to lull the enemy to safety. A Gifted stroke, hole or match may not be withdrawn.