Mathematical Reviews

The Mathematical Reviews (abbreviations: Rev. Math, MR) are a reference journal in the field of mathematics.

The Mathematical Reviews was formed in 1940 by Otto Neugebauer, who had previously founded the Zentralblatt MATH, but had emigrated after 1933. They are issued since its foundation by the American Mathematical Society.

In the Mathematical Reviews books, conference reports are primarily mathematical papers, but in addition, etc. referenced from mathematics and from adjacent areas such as computer science and theoretical physics in many languages. The aim of the lectures is to give the reader an overview of the current mathematical literature, without himself must read all the magazines. The reviews are created by independent scientists, sometimes only the abstract of an original work is published or performed a song, without report. The lectures are in English.

The Mathematical Reviews Database leads to self-reported 2.1 million items, of which 1.7 million were referenced. A total of about 450,000 authors are represented and more than 300 new entries are processed daily. For the classification of work the Mathematics Subject Classification is used.

The Mathematical Reviews were originally only available in paper form, but were digitized 1980-1999 and now has more than pay access the Internet ( MathSciNet ) available.

Other mathematical abstract services are Zentralblatt MATH and in Russian-speaking regions, the Referatiwny schurnal matematika ( РЖмат ).