Mathieu Duhamel

Duhamel 2012 in Caen

Mathieu Duhamel ( born July 12, 1984 in Mont -Saint -Aignan ) is a French football player.


Beginnings in the fourth division

Duhamel was recorded as 13 -year-old to the Centre National Fernand- Sastre technique, also known as INF Clairefontaine, but decided after two years to return home and therefore moved to the youth department of FC Rouen. In 2003 he moved to the nearby U.S. Quevilly fourth division, where he was inducted into the first team. The player is then still employed as the left-back was initially only sporadically used. Thanks to a new coach, he was henceforth used offensively, could improve his performance there and played more regularly. After he had shown in a game against FC Rouen a decent performance, he applied in 2006 with this, when his contract expired at just Quevilly. He was also at the fourth division club into a contract, moved by the injury of another player in the starting eleven, and scored in the 2006 /07 twelve gates.

Time in the third division

Due to its good performance, he moved at the end of the season for the third division SO Romorantin. In the team he had been set, but had to fight for eight months with edema. This went so far that he could fail at times the training and only came to the games until he sought treatment at the end of the season. Therefore, he could not prevent the team despite his nine goals he had achieved under these conditions descent. Because he signed a contract with Stade Laval in the summer of 2008, Duhamel still remained in the third division. With its eleven goals he was instrumental in the rise at the end of season 2008/ 09, but was still not held against the will of the President and the most responsible, as the coach spoke out against him. The reason he gave to problems with the character of the player. Instead Duhamel signed with the U.S. Creteil, where he inserts his achievements in 29 league the previous season could still increase with 17 goals.

Career as a professional

Créteil he left as in the previous stations after one year, when he received an offer from the second division ES Troyes AC 2010. At Troyes he completed on 6 August 2010 at age 26 his second league and thus pro debut when he came on as a substitute in the 0-1 against the OC Vannes in the 78th minute. After that, he played mostly from the beginning, did not come in 13 games but over a single Zweitligator addition. Accordingly, he was awarded the winter break 2010/11 for the rest of the season. His loan Duhamel spent at Premier League rivals FC Metz, for whom he scored nine goals in 18 games. Because of this balance, Metz decided to take the player on a contract. After a total of 10 goals in his first year, he scored the second division in the 2011/12 season as many hits. Duhamel suffered despite everything relegation to the third tier with Metz. The return to the league that he had left two years earlier, he did not have to compete even though, as he was taken to the new season from SM Caen under contract and thus remained in the second division. For a transfer fee has been paid, which is estimated at 1.3 million euros. Also in the Erstligaabsteiger he received his place and was able to continue his success in front of goal from previous years. Despite his 13 goals and seventh place on the scoring list, he could not help his team to promotion.