As Mother Superior (also mother superior ) is called in the Roman Catholic Church, the head of a monastic community or religious community ( convent ). The upper inner self monasteries can be described as abbess or prioress.

By the vow of obedience to nuns and sisters commit to follow the instructions of their lawful superiors in all things pertaining to the life of the community in accordance with the ecclesiastical law and the proper law of their religious institute. In turn Superiors are bound to consider their office as a service to the community whose unity they have to protect, and to encourage the sisters by their example and their authority to an exemplary religious life and to stop.

The usual salutation to a superior is " Mother Superior " or ( obsolescent ) as " Reverend Mother ", at higher Superiors also " most venerable mother " or " mother Hochehrwürdige ". Nowadays, however, the simple title " sister " (abbreviated Sr.) is often used as well as for simple convent sisters. In abbesses, Superiors General or General Prioresses is writing the title " woman " is possible, eg " Rev. abbess " (no name ).