Matsudaira clan

The Matsudaira (松 平 氏jap, Matsudaira -shi ) was a Japanese clan in the area Matsudaira in the old province of Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture today. He aspired to in the 16th century and is known for its most famous representative, Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.

As Takechiyo Matsudaira (松 平 竹 千代) born, this changed his name to prove his ( historically proven ) descent from the prestigious house of Minamoto. Thus he became the founder of the Tokugawa family and first shogun of the dynasty.

Before Ieyasu took this step of Matsudaira clan was one of 14 branch families:

  • Takenoya (竹 谷)
  • Katanohara (形 原)
  • Ōgusa (大 草)
  • Nagasawa (长 沢)
  • Nomi (能见)
  • Goi (五 井)
  • Fukōzu (深沟)
  • Ogyū (大 给)
  • Takiwaki (滝 胁)
  • Fukama (福 釜)
  • Sakurai (桜 井)
  • Tōjō (东 条)
  • Fujii (藤井)
  • Mitsugi (三 木)

In the Edo period, in which the provinces were superseded by the Daimyate as administrative structures, managed many of the branch families, even to get Daimyate and to provide the daimyo.

The Matsudaira family still exists. A well-known member is Matsudaira Yorihiro which the Bronze Wolf who received an award for extraordinary achievements in 1981 World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Lines with daimyo rank

List of 40 Daimyo from the clan Matsudaira in 1864 (before the Mito rebellion )