Matterhorn Bobsleds

Matterhorn Bobsled at Disneyland ( Anaheim, California ) is a double steel roller coaster that opened in 1959. She was the first roller coaster world, their rails are made of steel tubes and was manufactured by WED Enterprises in collaboration with Arrow Dynamics. The train was so groundbreaking for the construction of steel roller coasters as we know it today.

The routes by an artificial mountain, which is designed to reproduce the Matterhorn in 1:100 scale. Trains run through to the end of each of the tracks a body of water so they are also braked for the final braking and the block brakes but come shoe brakes are used.

In January 2012, Disney announced the roller coaster to close until the summer of the year by the trains to replace and adjust the paths accordingly. The trains are different from the past, which could accommodate two times two people in two cars, consist of two cars for every three people in a row.