Matthias Holst

Matthias Holst ( born June 19, 1982 in Husum ) is a German football player. The right-footed used mainly in central defense spent his career so far mostly in the third-tier Regionalliga clubs and later the 3rd league, also came for the SC Paderborn 07 and Hansa Rostock but to a total of 48 missions in the 2nd Bundesliga.


Beginnings in Schleswig -Holstein, Hamburg and Rostock

The two-footed central defender Holst went through to the beginning of his career, the youth teams of Schleswig-Holstein clubs Rödemis SV, TSV Bredstedt and Heider SV. From heath, he moved to Hamburg in 1999, for its second men's team, he debuted on January 30, 1999/ 2000, the Regionalliga Nord and in the season 2002/ 03 came to 21 Regional inserts before settling in summer 2003 FC Hansa Rostock joined.

Also in Rostock Holst was used only in the reserve team, scoring for them in the seasons 2003/ 04 and 2004/05 Oberliga Nordost-Nord five goals in 49 missions, A which he also share in the league championship in 2004/05 the Hanseatic had. In Mecklenburg- Vorpommern Cup Holst had also reached the finals with Hansa 2004/ 05, in the Rostock 4-0 Greifswald SV 04 defeated; Holst had been doing on as a substitute in the 70th minute. After Rostock agreed to forgo the possible with the league championship climb, Holst moved in the summer of 2005 to the second division relegated FC Rot -Weiß Erfurt to the Regionalliga.

Holst at Erfurt and Paderborn

In Erfurt Holst immediately became a regular player and graduated in the 2005/06 season, in Erfurt on again narrowly escaped relegation, 33 inserts ( one goal). In subsequent seasons in 2006 /07 and 2007/ 08 Holst came on every 30 inserts for Red and White ( two goals 2006/ 07) and thus played a key role in the qualification for Erfurt from 2008/ 09 newly created 3rd league. It was last Holst also captain of his team, joined in the summer of 2008, however, continue to the second division relegated SC Paderborn 07

For Paderborn Holst graduated 27 July 2008 its first use in the 3rd league and came in the course of the season to rest further 33 appearances, which he contributed to the resurgence of Paderborn in the 2nd Bundesliga. At the end of the second division season 2009/10, in which Holst had yet been used 25 times, his contract was not renewed with Paderborn, whereupon Holst FC Hansa Rostock returned, who had previously been relegated from the Bundesliga 2 in the 3rd league.

Return to Rostock

Due to a meniscus injury that he had not suffered in the service of Paderborn, Holst, however, missed the preseason and the first game day of the Hanseatic League and had to quit also be building training from August 2010. In September 2010, he was finally a cartilage damage was diagnosed in the knee, which Holst also the rest of the season 2010/11 would fail. Without Holst's participation, the team subsequently won the National Cup Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and also reached the direct promotion back to the Bundesliga 2, resulting in Holst's original automatically extended until 2012 dated contract until 2014.

At the beginning of the second division season 2011/12 Holst had finally recovered from his knee injury, but then suffered in the preseason a fractured rib, so he had to pause a few weeks again. Off the field, he gained meanwhile still special attention - as Holst wanted to shave again until he would deny a competitive match for Hansa, was his beard hair repeatedly the subject of media coverage.

After end of August 2011 Holst had first denied a game for Hansas reserve team in the Oberliga Nordost fünftklassigen, he came on 9 September 2011 to his first race for Hansa in the 2nd Bundesliga and subsequently established himself as a regular in the Rostock defensive. However, at the end of the season Rostock finished in last place and consequently rose again in the third league. In this Holst graduated in 2012/ 13 35 of 38 possible games; the team initially remained under Wolfgang Wolf, then Marc Fascher but below expectations and only reached the penultimate round in the league. An offer to renew his contract, which would have been valid only when reaching the immediate resurgence, Holst did not get a result.