Maureen Caird

Maureen Caird ( born September 29, 1951 in Cumberland, New South Wales, Australia ) is a former Australian track and field athlete and Olympic champion.

Caird had considerable success in several disciplines in Australia as a young teenager. But your favorite track were the 80 m hurdles in the she set up also a new world record and then became the youngest world champion. In the same year she was inducted into the Australian Olympic team.

Your participation in the XIX. Summer Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968 were extremely successful for them with victory over 80 m hurdles before the Australian Pam Kilborn ( silver) and the Taiwanese Chi Cheng (Bronze) and she was making her the youngest winner of a gold medal in Olympic history the modern era. Two years later, at the British Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1970 it reached in the 100m hurdles, which had replaced the 80 meters hurdles behind Pam Kilborn 2nd place. In the XX. 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, she could not defend her title in 1970.

After she retired from active sporting events, and emigrated to New Zealand, where she still lives today.


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