Maurício de Sousa

Mauricio Araújo de Sousa ( born October 27, 1935 in Santa Isabel ) is a Brazilian comic book artist and entrepreneur. In particular, the very popular in Brazil Turma da Mônica comic book series, which he created in 1959, de Sousa was the most famous cartoonist of Brazil.

As a father of 10 children, he has been inspired by their experiences when creating his comics often. Mônica, his most famous comic character, and her friend Magali he gave the names of two of his daughters.

Translations of ' Turma da Mônica ' (eg ' Mónica y su pandilla ', ' Monica 's Gang ') appear in 14 languages ​​in over 40 countries, mainly in Latin America, but also in Spain, Italy, Japan and the United States.

By September 2013, the Rieder Susanna publisher has the German -language edition of the children's comic classic ' Pelezinho ' announced (Translation of Lilli -Hannah Hoepner ).

In São Paulo, there were 1993 to 2010 a theme park with his characters ( Parque da Mônica in the ' shopping paradise '); briefly existed such parks in Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro.

Since May 2011, Mauricio de Sousa member of the Academia Paulista de Letras.