Max Abraham (publisher)

Max Abraham ( born June 2, 1831 in Gdansk, † December 8, 1900 in Leipzig ) was a German music publisher.


Max Abraham studied in his native city of Gdansk Music, London in economy and law in Berlin where he doctorate in law. doctorate. 1863 Abraham was part owner of since 1860 conducted by Julius Friedlander music publisher CF Peters in Leipzig; he took over the publishing in 1880 as the sole shareholder. He began the series of notes Edition Peters. He was succeeded by his nephew Henri Hinrichsen, whom he had hired in 1891 and made ​​1894 a partaker.

In 1873 Abraham a vacant lot in the Leipzig valley road and left it till a residential and commercial building by the architect Otto Brückwald. In 1874 this became the seat of the music publisher CF Peters. In this house there is now a Edvard Grieg Memorial. The Norwegian composer was a friend of the publisher and often at his house as a guest.

Max Abraham in 1893 donated the Peters Music Library in Leipzig, which was opened on January 2, 1894. It is considered the first of its kind in Germany and was for Wilhelm Altmann encouraging the development of an even larger collection, in which not only contemporary music, but all national and if possible also works by foreign composers would gather.

In 1900 he ended his life by suicide.

Since 1910 ( with an interruption from 1935 to 1945 ) the road Abraham reminds the Leipzig district Neulindenau at him.

The tomb of Abraham / Hinrichsen family on the South Cemetery Leipzig was leveled in the 1980s; Since 1992, a memorial to the former site.