Max Deubel

Max Deubel ( born February 5, 1935 in Wiehl ), is a former German motorcycle racer, four-time sidecar world champion and one of the most successful motorcycle racer in the sidecar class.

Career as a driver

Max Deubel started the bike carriage driving in May 1955 passenger Horst Hoehler on a team of Walter Schneider. From 1961, Emil horns his co-driver until the end of the career.

After ending his sports career from 1972 until his retirement in 1998 he was a representative in the Erzquell brewery in Bielenstein. He was also active in the ADAC, for example, as race director at the Nürburgring, Vice President of the FIM Safety Commission, Chairman of the OMC and Motorcycle Officer of ADAC Nordrhein Gau.

The post of the Isle of Man dedicated Max Deubel 1974, a postage stamp. He is the only top Berger, who is immortalized on a postage stamp.



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