Max Headroom (TV series)

Max Headroom is a cyberpunk science fiction television series based on the character Max Headroom, who acted in 1984 as an announcer for Music Videos of the UK's Channel 4. Already on April 4, 1985, the television movie Max Headroom was on the U.S. television: the Original Story (1989 in Germany as Max Headroom - The film appeared ) aired, with the crew of the later TV series. It was produced by Lorimar Productions the series.


Main character is the character portrayed by Matt Frewer Max Headroom, which was generated from the brain waves of virtually fatally injured reporter Edison Carter. The name derives from the fact that Carter in his accident with the head against a barrier that says MAX. HEAD ROOM is bumped (English for clear height or max. Headroom ), and this writing was the last thing he saw before he fell into a coma.

The basic theme of the series is the struggle of the reporter Edison Carter from the transmitter 23 Network against Corruption, crime and oppression. Also usually are the dangers of tampering with the audience through the medium of television, but also his good ( enlightened ) sides discussed. This fight ends for the reporter almost always before the desk of his boss Ben Chaviot, blaming him for it, even though Carter is almost always victorious. Go to page Carter are doing his assistant Theora Jones, the hacker Bryce Lynch (who also Max Headroom programmed ), a news producer Murray, and his stuttering alter-ego Max Headroom itself

The first episode was an extremely high cutting sequence (scenes often below 1 second) on which the film was its own atmosphere, the effort was not persevered.


The German Air Date sent the German free-TV channels Sat.1 from 24 April to 24 July 1989.

Season 1

Season 2


In Germany the TV film of 1985 as a VHS video cassette is available. In addition, in 1989 a five-part radio play series appeared in Carousel on audio cassette in the ten episodes - two episodes on one tape - have been adapted as a radio play. In the U.S., the series is available as a box with 5 DVDs since August 2010, a publication in Germany, however, is not yet scheduled.

In Germany, appeared in 1989 on Chrysalis / Polydor 7 "Single Mr. MAX: Max Headrom calling with extensive samples from the German TV series.


  • The action takes place in the year 2005/2006, as in the pilot mentioned that Bryce is 18 years old and a file shows that he was born in 1987. In a printed edition of " Deadly Spots " is this, however, told the following story in Chapter 2: " In fact, Bryce Lynch was a rather unusual instrumentation ... A far too much cheap glasses ... in milk face of the maximum a fourteen years old boy ... " and Chapter 3: "So - Bryce Lynch, born on October 7, 1988 This is still a boy. ". Consequently, the beginning of the series would be before the year 2003.
  • Max Headroom was, even when it seemed that no computer-generated graphics, but was played by Matt Frewer itself. The image was distorted only retrospectively.
  • The graphic was produced in 1987 with a Commodore Amiga.
  • The character Max Headroom had a number of guest and cameo appearances. So she appeared in a television commercial of the U.S. beverage company Coca -Cola and was the concert announcement in a music video by Tina Turner. In the music video for the song Paranoimia the band Art Of Noise figure was primarily to see. Cameo appearances in the U.S. television were performed at a Christmas special and a talk show. In the U.S. feature film Back to the Future II in 1989 was seen virtual waiter with the faces and voices of Ronald Reagan, Ayatollah Khomeini and Michael Jackson on screens, but as Max Headroom moved and spoke.
  • In the episode " The Red Shoes" series " Sledge Hammer! " The protagonist Sledgehammer itself confronted with a brainwashing with a Max Headroom -like replica of his.
  • In 2000, the Telekom made ​​with the in-house mascot Robert T online advertising, this was most likely inspired by Max Headroom.
  • Free Video Codec Theora is named for Theora Jones.
  • The U.S. rapper Eminem parodied Max Headroom 2013 in his video for the song Rap God.