Max Rudolf (rower)

Max Rudolf ( born February 12, 1891 † unknown) was a Swiss rower, the 1920 Olympic champion in the four with coxswain.

Max Rudolf from Grasshopper Club Zurich already won at the European Championships in 1912 in Geneva with the quad in the occupation of Hans Walter, Max Rudolf, Paul Schmid, Walter Schoeller and helmsman Charles Muhr. In the same line the boat defended his title a year later in Ghent.

The next European Championship was held in Macon because of World War II until 1920. The Swiss four in the cast Willy Brüderlin, Max Rudolf, Paul Rudolph, Hans Walter and helmsman Paul dust beat out the boats from Belgium and France. At the Olympic Games 1920, the boats from the United States, Norway and Switzerland faced each other in the final, won the Zurich with four seconds ahead of the Americans. At the European Championships 1921 in Amsterdam Émile Albrecht rowed for Hans Walter and won with Brüderlin and the brothers Rudolf the title, the name of the helmsman is not known.