Max van der Rose

Max van der Rose is a German composer, musician, record producer, and painter.


He lives in his hometown of Berlin and works as an impresario, composer, musician, musical director and producer in the studio and on stage for culture, media and business. His works have been performed and broadcast in 18 countries.

A first highlight of 1995 was the design and implementation of the event series of dance elements to mark the 10th anniversary of the Federal Garden Show in the Britz Garden, Berlin. In 18 days filling events, with more than 60 musicians, he let live sound images on the subject of the four elements - fire, water, earth and air - arise. He founded the Drum Connection.

As you begin working outside the musical and cultural mainstream, followed as a further highlight the cooperation and production of an album of Mongolian Artists Saraa.

Since 2003 he is a composer and musical director of the Rhythm Drum & Dance show, which already gave guest performances in 13 European countries.

He became politically by regular attendance at the Carnival of Cultures, the largest cultural event in Berlin. He produced and published jointly with the workshop of cultures since the regularly published CDs on his label recording cues.

For his artistic and cultural engagement " ... as an artist with a sense of mission " took place in 2003 was appointed Knight of the culture of Hungary. The ceremony with presentation and knighthood took place in Budapest in the Castle Stefania.


  • 2003 she was named a Knight of the Culture of Hungary
  • 2004 MBA Award with Rhythm Drum & Dance as the best live show in the Event / Incentive area in Europe 2003

Film Music

  • Dorado One Way - Director: Reinhard Münster
  • Highscore - Director: Ralph Bohn,
  • New York June - Director: Ralph Bohn
  • Linde Road - ARD series
  • Andy - Director: Ralph Bohn
  • California Clan - RTL series
  • Solinger Rudi - Director: Dietmar Klein
  • The Erdnußmann - Director: Dietmar Klein
  • I am innocent - Director: Ralph Bohn
  • On your own - Director: Ralph Bohn
  • Daniela - Director: Ralph Bohn
  • The animal - Director: Ralph Bohn
  • Dieter Moor Feature - Director: Anna Hus
  • Jana - Director: Jakob Let


  • Carnival of Cultures - CD "Vol 1"
  • Carnival of Cultures - CD "Vol 2 "
  • Carnival of Cultures - CD "Vol 3"
  • Carnival of Cultures - CD "Vol 4"
  • Beat ' n ' Blow - CD Beat'n'Blow
  • Fly agaric - LP Our Country
  • Prairie - LP Real null
  • L' Accord Perdu - 7 "Vinyl And she is passin 'by
  • P.O.P. - CD Hard Work
  • P.O.P. - CD Summer In The City
  • Perdu - CD Blue Café
  • Reefer - CD The Storm
  • Samossis - 7 " vinyl Waltz Aach
  • Saraa - CD Saraa
  • Jecke Spree - CD Noh Hus / Kölsch ... I find good
  • Westend 2 - 12 "Vinyl Forget / The sun remains steh'n