Maxfeld (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Maxfeld (abbreviation: MF) is the 44th Metro Station Nuremberg subway and opened on 14 June 2008. It is 963 meters from the Rathenau Platz Underground Station and 453 meters from the Kaulbachplatz Metro Station. A pointed -to-travel platform changes and a parking area and direction Rathenau Square adjoins the west side of the station to a blunt -to-travel platform changes.

The area in northeast Nuremberg was until 1856 known as Judenbühl and then renamed in honor of King Maximilian II in Maxfeld. Maxfeld belongs to the Nuremberg districts gardens behind the fortress and Rennweg and was amalgamated with them in 1825 ( Rennweg ) or 1865 (gardens HDV ) to Nuremberg. In the planning of the seventies, today's subway station Rennweg should (then planned nor directly under the exterior Bayreuther Straße ) received the designation Maxfeld.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg Maxfeld and extends below the ground in east -west orientation of the Goethe Street between Löblein and key fields road. The outputs on each platform heads lead directly to the road surface and are located at the intersection of Goethe street with the key fields of road and the Löbleinstraße. There is also a lift to the Löbleinstraße.

Building and Architecture

The station building is 179 m long, 15 m wide and 7.5 m deep (one -down position ). Construction of the station began in 2003 and were carried out in an open design with subsequent capping of the excavation.

The design of the station was transferred to the architectural firm Haid Partner. There are replicas of the famous table - leg portrait of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and panels with quotations from his works on the platform walls. The building materials used are color inspired by Goethe's color theory.


The station is serviced by U3. On the east exit is the stop Maxfeld the city bus lines 46 and 47 on the weekend runs the night bus N12.