Maxim Vorobiev

Maxim Nikiforowitsch Vorobyov (Russian Максим Никифорович Воробьёв, scientific transliteration Maksim Nikiforovič Vorob'ev; * 6 Augustjul / August 17 1787greg in Pskov, .. .. † 30 Augustjul / September 11 1855greg in Saint Petersburg ) was a Russian landscape painters of the Romantic period. His work has influenced many Russian painters.


Vorobyov was a child of a military family, who were hired as guards at the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. There he was in 1798 admitted to the study of architecture, made in 1809 but his degree as a landscape painter.

In 1814 he was a teacher, an associate professor in 1815, professor in 1823 and in 1843 an honorary professor. He had many students, including renowned painters such as Ivan Aivazovsky, Alexei Bogolyubov and Lev Lagorio.

In addition to teaching Vorobyov painted himself all his life. He painted cities and the sea, architectural monuments, landscapes and war scenes. He traveled widely, especially in 1813 with Russian troops; a time when some of his most memorable images were created. The images he late 1820s created during his trip to the Middle East and to the theaters of war on the Danube, were some of his best known.