May 21

The May 21 is the 141st day of the Gregorian calendar ( 142nd in leap years), thus remain still 224 days to the year.

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Politics and World Affairs

  • 0878: The city of Syracuse in Sicily was conquered by the Saracens, and in the wake of decades into a center of Islam in Italy.
  • 0996: The 16 -year-old Otto III. will be crowned on his expedition to Italy in Rome of the first on May 3, Pope Gregory V appointed by him to the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.
  • 1097: The army of the First Crusade under Bohemond of Taranto and Godfrey of Bouillon strikes at the siege of Nicaea, the rum - Seljuk relief army Kılıç Arslan to flight. Both sides suffered heavy losses during the battle.
  • 1358: In the Compiègne jacquerie begins -called Peasants' Revolt in northeastern France, which will last until June 10. Cause are demanded forced labor and lack of protection on the part of the nobility against British troops during the Hundred Years War.
  • 2006: The population of Montenegro decided in a referendum just for independence from Serbia and Montenegro, which renames in Serbia on June 5.


Science and Technology


  • 2005: In the U.S. theme park Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, the Kingda Ka Launched Coaster is opened. He solves the Top Thrill Dragster as the record holder in the categories fastest and tallest roller coaster in the world from.




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  • 2006: With the win, the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2006 in the final against the Czech Republic in Riga, Latvia, the Swedish Tre Kronor team will be the first national hockey team that wins the World Cup and the Olympic Games in the same year.

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Before the 19th century

19th century

Louis Renault (* 1843)

Edward Gawler Prior (* 1853)

Tudor Arghezi (* 1880)

20th century




Before the 19th century

  • 0587: Yomei, 31 Emperor of Japan
  • 0822: al- Hakam I, Emir of Córdoba
  • 0987: Louis the Lazy King of France
  • 1035: Ezzo, Count Palatine of Lorraine
  • 1108: Gerard of Rouen, Lord Chancellor and Archbishop of York
  • 1254: Conrad IV, Holy Roman German king and of Sicily and of Jerusalem
  • 1381: Frederick the severity, son of Frederick the Serious
  • 1388: Kuno II of Falkenstein, Archbishop and Elector of Trier
  • 1458: Petr Aksamit z Lidéřovic a Kosova, Czech country nobleman and military leader
  • 1471: ., Henry VI, King of England from the Lancaster House
  • 1481: Christian I, King of Denmark from 1448 to 1481
  • 1489: Henry V of Rosenberg, Bohemian nobleman
  • 1512: Pandolfo Petrucci, ruler of Siena
  • 1524: Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk, English military commander and courtier
  • 1527: Michael Sattler, belonged to the first generation Baptist
  • 1542: Hernando de Soto, the Spanish conquistador
  • 1559: Antonio Herrezuelo, Spanish Protestant martyrs
  • 1619: Girolamo Fabrizio, anatomist and founder of modern embryology
  • 1639: Tommaso Campanella, Italian philosopher, Dominicans, poet and politician
  • 1668: Christoph Delphicus of Dohna, Lord Chamberlain to Queen Christina of Sweden
  • 1668: Josephus Adjutus, theologian
  • 1670: Johan Picardt, German - Dutch pastor, physician and writer
  • 1686: Otto von Guericke, German inventor and politician
  • 1724: Antonio Salvi, Italian librettist
  • 1724: Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, British politician
  • 1773: Heinrich Brockes II, German lawyer and mayor of Lübeck
  • 1786: Carl Wilhelm Scheele, a Swedish chemist

19th century

20th century

  • 2000: Erich Mielke, Minister of State Security of the GDR
  • 2000: Sir John Gielgud, British actor

21st Century

  • 2002: Niki de Saint Phalle, painter and sculptor
  • 2003: Alejandro de Tomaso, President of the sports car maker De Tomaso
  • 2006: Katherine Dunham, American dancer, choreographer, and civil rights activist
  • 2006: Billy Walker, American country musician
  • 2007: Clark Adams, American freethinker and atheist
  • 2009: Robert Müller, German ice hockey player
  • 2010: Stan Jones, U.S. American football player and coach
  • 2013: Dominique Venner, a French historian and writer

Holidays and observances

  • Religious observances St. Constantine the Great, Roman Emperor (Protestant, Orthodox, Armenian )
  • St. Helena ( mother of Constantine the Great), Roman emperor nut ( Anglican, Orthodox, Armenian, Protestant: ELCA, LCMS )
  • St. Hermann Joseph of Steinfeld, German canons and priests, parish clerk and patron ( Catholic)

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