Mazda Nagare

Mazda Nagare (2007)

The Mazda Nagare is a concept car, the Mazda at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show presented. The Nagare represents an exercise in natural and organic car design that will explore the future of Mazda automobiles. Its name in German means river and the designers specifically studied because the Movement and the effects that it has on the natural environment.

The car was designed by under the responsibility of Laurens van den Acker, Mazda's global design director, by a team led by Franz von Holzhausen, Director of Design at Mazda North American Operations ' ( MNAO ) in Irvine (California ) ..

Franz von Holzhausen said: "The Nagare celebrates proportions and surface language that will propagate in future design studies for presentation at another international motor shows. The Nagare explores light and shadow and developed the design details for the next generation of cars from Mazda. We look pretty far ahead with the Nagare. We want to show how the Mazda design will look like in 2020. We have redefined the basic proportions, as well as the idea of driving without losing the emotional aspect. The spirit of the Mazda driving is enhanced and intensified by Nagare. "


The Mazda Nagare celebrated according to its chief designer proportions and surface language: "His body lines flow like liquid through his soft, frameless design and there are no distinguishing features that detract from the overall theme of the car It has a large windscreen, which in at a very shallow angle. the glass roof of the car passes. His large, aggressive wheels are formally wrapped up in the wheel wells and integrated as part of the body. "

" Two double-length doors are front chipped and spread out from the cab like wings of a butterfly. Interior you can see the driver's seat in the middle of the front part of the interior installed and three seats for passengers are arranged back around him. Inside contact the organic themes with futuristic elliptical instruments and controls continue and provide information to the driver. "


Details of the drive can currently only be surmised. Mazda gave out any information about the engine specification or performance because they wanted to focus on the design elements of the car. Some people believe that the Nagare could be equipped with the future hydrogen-powered rotary engine from Mazda.

Technical details

Mazda Nagare maintains with the design of the character of a sports car, as with all of its products. The shape also has the function to reduce air resistance. The wheels of the nagare are positioned at the four corners of the vehicle in order to ensure rapid response of the steering system and a responsive driving.