Mazda Persona


The Mazda Persona was a sedan in the upper middle class was also offered the Mazda Eunos subsidiaries as Eunos 300 from 1990. It was based on the Mazda MA platform and was designed as a hardtop sedan with frameless doors. A type of vehicle for a more sports-oriented clientele, in Japan at that time, for example, was operated by Toyota with the Toyota Carina ED or Mitsubishi with the Mitsubishi Diamante. As an engine of 1.8 L F8 -line four- cylinder gasoline engine came with 115hp and the FE 2.0L inline four- cylinder petrol engine with 140PS used. Optionally available with 5-speed manual or 4 - speed automatic transmission. Mazda put much emphasis on interior design. The rear seat was held in lounge style and the door panels were fully integrated into the seating in the rear doors closed. For the concept of Mazda in 1988 awarded the title of Best interior of the year.

1992 ended the production of the models and the Mazda Persona was replaced by the efini MS -8 and the Eunos model by the Eunos 500.