Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE

Mazda RX- 8 Hydrogen RE

The Mazda RX- 8 Hydrogen RE is a 2003 presented version of the sports car RX- 8, in which the two- rotor Wankel engine allows operation with hydrogen or gasoline. This is the fifth vehicle from Mazda with hydrogen-powered rotary engine. 1991 and 1993 vehicles HR -X and CR -X 2 were presented. Also in 1993, an MX-5 NA production run has been presented with hydrogen engine, the 1999 Mazda Capella Cargo ( Mazda 626 ) of the third generation followed.

The hydrogen tank with 110 liters at 350 bar stores up to 2.4 kg of hydrogen and is fitted in addition to the 61 -liter fuel tank.

The bivalent Renesis rotary engine has the following data

2005 Mazda got the Japanese road approval for this vehicle. The following year, the first vehicles were delivered to fleet customers, with whom Mazda specifically cooperates. ( Idemitsu and Iwatani ) delivered. More vehicles were delivered (2 pieces) and the Yamaguchi prefecture in the same year to the city of Hiroshima. Mazda expanded in 2008 claims to its activities by participating in the HyNor project and presented the Norwegian hydrogen project, the first units of the improved RX- 8 Hydrogen RE is available. In a driving test in 2009, the magazine auto motor und sport vehicles designated as " ingenious finger exercise " and criticized the extremely low overall efficiency (→ Well-to- Wheel) of hydrogen vehicles. They wrote as a conclusion: " It would be much more sensible to provide equal a pure electric car to the wheels and to dispense with the detour via the hydrogen - hybrids. " After a face-lift in 2009, there is no information on development and production. In Germany, the RX- 8 Hydrogen (no longer) is offered. In 2010, a Mazda RX- 8 Hydrogen RE at demonstration race " Le Mans vers le future" - " Le Mans looks to the future " part.