Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX- 8 (2003-2009)

The Mazda RX -8 is a built in June 2012 by the beginning of 2003 passenger car model of the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda. He replaced the set in autumn 2002 Mazda RX- seventh


The Wankel engine in the RX- 8 has the name of art Renesis ( Rotary Engine and composed of Genesis). What makes this development of the Mazda 13B engine are the side inlet and outlet, the considerably lower fuel consumption (30% idle, 20 % in the company; Source: Mazda RX -8 Delius Klasing Verlag) and oil consumption ( is now at l/1000 0.3 km ) leads. Consumption is nevertheless still about 30 % higher than comparable vehicles with piston engine.

The RX- 8 has no B-pillar, but rear -hinged rear doors, called Freestyle Doors. These can only be opened when the front doors are also open. This and the rotary engine distinguish the RX-8 so of usual sports coupe. The shape of the rotary piston is visible in the design of the hood and many equipment details.

The vehicle has a front- mid engine (engine between the axles, but before the passenger compartment) and rear wheel drive. The weight distribution is nearly 50-50 % in the unloaded state. The Renesis rotary engine weighs only 124 kg. The vehicle is equipped with an electronic stability program, DSC (Dynamic Stability Control ) called, equipped.

The front suspension is a double wishbone suspension, the rear axle is guided by a so-called multi-link arrangement. The exhaust system is made ​​of stainless steel.

The RX -8 is one of the few models of the Mazda brand, which has not been made ​​on Ford basis. The RX -8 platform is still the Mazda MX -5 used.

Since its revision in autumn 2009, the RX -8 available in Germany only with the 170 kW engine. With the mandatory introduction of the Euro - 5 emissions standard Mazda introduced the import to Europe in early 2011, a whole.

The counter -opening doors


RX- 8 in drive


There are two power levels. The engines differ only in the number of intake ports:

In 2003, Mazda introduced the first copy of the Mazda RX- 8 Hydrogen RE. In this vehicle, the engine can run on either gasoline or hydrogen.

Special models

In addition to the equipment versions Renesis, Challenge and Revolution several special models are available:

  • The offered the end of 2005 and limited to 400 pieces Contest version is based on the facilities of 141 kW Renesis. It has 18- inch alloy wheels in a ten-spoke design, aluminum trim outside, the air vents and the door sill trims in the interior. There are also leather-wrapped center console lid front and rear and floor mats and a CD player. The price advantage was 3,400 euros.
  • Named after the matrix free movies special edition Revolution Reloaded there from April 2006. It is based on the equipment package revolution, and has chrome 18- inch alloy wheels, same-colored design elements in the headlamps and tail lights. The interior is enhanced by a beige-colored leather and Alcantara combination with red stitching, steering wheel applications in piano black and a handbrake handle and gear lever knob in leather. The special edition was available in three specific paints (Brilliant Black, Carminarot metallic or blue metallic Haiti ) and also has polished light metal rings around the air vents and controllers as well as the circular instruments. The offered only in Europe model was limited to 1,300 copies, 600 of which were delivered to Germany.
  • The special model based on the revolution Kuro ( Japanese for " Black " ) has been available since April 2007 and is available next to a black special paint in red or gray. Like the Revolution Reloaded the Kuro has chrome 18- inch alloy wheels and same colored design elements in the headlamps and tail lights. In the interior a beige - gray leather upholstery, a leather steering wheel and hand brake lever, as well as applications come in piano lacquer finish used. In addition, the shift knob is held in silver look, and has a white shift pattern. With a price advantage of 2,630 € and only 250 vehicles with the 170 kW engine in Germany are offered.
  • 40 years after Mazda has introduced the Mazda Cosmo Sport his first car with a Wankel engine, appeared in early 2008 on the occasion to another edition model of RX -8 40th Anniversary called. This is offered in conjunction with the more powerful engine, a Bilstein sports suspension, and four finishes. In addition to 18- inch alloy wheels whose design was further used for the facelift in 2009, and blue-tinted fog lights featuring a badge on the fenders special limited edition version. Inside there is a leather steering wheel with applications in Piano finish and contrasting stitching, black leather seats with gray Alcantara seat center and one marked with white shift pattern gear knob and handbrake grip in leather.
  • The end of the production model released special SPIRIT R was available only in Japan. With the introduction of this model, there was the RX -8 in parallel only as model type G with electronic 6-speed automatic transmission only. Based on the RX -8 Type RS (with manual 6- speed gearbox ) and Type E ( with electronic 6-speed automatic transmission only ) has the SPIRIT R in two different variants on an exclusive seat design, red brake callipers and colored alloy wheels, either bronze in 19 -inch ( manual transmission ) or executed in metallic blue - gray with 18 inch ( automatic switching) are. Furthermore, the model with automatic gearbox is also equipped with a sports suspension and larger brakes. When the seats are depending on the model variant either special Spirit R bucket seats from Recaro ( manual transmission ) or black leather seats with red stitching ( automatic gearbox ). Leather and decorative stitching set accordingly continued on steering wheel, hand brake lever and armrests. Both variants are common applications in piano - black on the transmission tunnel. In addition, the else in the Basisaussttung only optional head and side airbags. The SPIRIT R is (additional charge for the model with a manual transmission for about 310 euros ) offered in the colors Aluminum Metallic, Sparkling Black Mica and Crystal White Pearl Mica. The purchase prices in Japan amounted to the equivalent of 32,000 euros for the version with manual transmission and 30,800 euros for the automatic version.


After about five years, and sold 167,000 copies worldwide, the RX -8 in early 2009 gets a facelift. Mainly this concerns the optics and the chassis, while the technique is only slightly changed. The introduced at the Detroit Auto Show 2008 model was already available in advance in the U.S. and was introduced in autumn 2009 and in Europe. In 2010, the RX- 8 in Germany, however, allowed a total of only 42 times before the import was stopped at the end of the year.

At the front, wider headlights, a larger grille and new bumpers are used with higher standing fog lamps. The previous air intakes behind the fenders are now smaller, and have integrated side indicators. It was further changed the rear bumper, and increases the diameter of the muffler to 90 millimeters. The clear glass taillights now have two round lamps in LED technology. Similarly, the alloy wheels have been redesigned. Inside, a new center console is with further upward gerücktem display and air vents. Was also redesigned the steering wheel and the seats that will allow more space in the rear. The tachometer has a variable red zone, which varies depending on the engine temperature. For the purpose of body rigidity, the new model features (as in the 2003s - model ) via a strut bar in the front. For the reduction of noise and vibration in addition, the geometry of the rear axle and the drive shaft has been optimized.

Also new is the R3 -called sports package to continue the line of R packages that have been offered for the previous RX-7. It includes a sports suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers, a spoiler package and fog lights. In addition, there are 19 - inch alloy wheels, a 300 - watt sound system, Recaro sports seats and a keyless entry and start system.

This has been available since November 24, 2011 special edition Spirit R heralded as before on the previous RX -7 a the end of the production era. After a production extension to 1,000 copies in April 2012 left on 22 June 2012, the last copy of the RX -8 the work of Mazda in Hiroshima. Until the end of April 2012 192.094 vehicles were built, a successor model was not announced. The Mazda RX- 8 is thus the last time being powered by a rotary engine production car. This ends until further notice, the 49 - year history of the rotary engine as a power source for cars.