Mazzano Romano

Mazzano Romano is a municipality in the province of Rome in the Italian region Latium, located about 3155 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012). It is located 44 km north of Rome.


Mazzano Romano is above the deep gorge of the Treja, in the historical landscape of the Faliscans. It is the seat of the Natural Park of Valle del Treja, which extends over the municipality of Mazzano and the neighboring village of Calcata. The best-known natural spectacle are the Cascate di Monte Gelato.

The neighboring municipalities are Calcata (VT), Campagnano di Roma, Castel Sant'Elia (VT), Faleria (VT), Magliano Romano, Nepi (VT).


Mazzano is connected via the Strada Stadale 2 Via Cassia, exit Sette vein with the road network.


Numerous findings prove that the area of Mazzano was inhabited at the time of Faliscans and Romans. The name probably derives Mazzano ago by the Roman noble family Matius. Documented tangible Mazzano is, however, only when 945 Alberic II, Duke of Spoleto, gave the place to the monastery of Santi Andrea e Gregorio in Rome, in which it remained until 1526. After that, the family acquired Anguillara which it does already sold again in 1599 to Cardinal Lelio Biscia. This bequeathed in 1658 to the noble family del Drago, the Maremma 1951 prevailed over the city to the land reform of the duck.

Since 1872, the community officially called Mazzano Romano.


Source: ISTAT


Remo Marcatili (civic list Nuovo Impegno Nuove Prospettive ) was elected in June 2009 for the mayor. He replaced Luciano Litta from (since 1999), who did not run.


  • From the old parish church in 1563, which was attributed to Vignola, are only remnants of the choir. It was 1940 canceled because of the danger of collapse.
  • The chapel of San Sebastiano is richly endowed with frescoes.
  • In the center, the Palazzo dei baronale Biscia rises from the 16th century.