The abbreviation stands for MB


MB as distinguishing signs on license plate

  • Albania: police ( for Ministria Brendshme, Ministry of Interior, with blue label)
  • Germany: Miesbach
  • UK: Manchester
  • Italy: Monza e Brianza
  • Netherlands: Motorcycles
  • Slovakia: dealer license plate (white plate with red: second group of letters )
  • Slovenia: Maribor
  • Czech Republic: Okres Mladá Boleslav ( discontinued)
  • Turkey: Foreigners with residence permit


  • Missal of the Catholic Church
  • Moritz Bastion, part of the former town fortifications of Leipzig, 1979-1993 Town of the homonymous DDR widely known student clubs, now a cultural center
  • Musica Britannica, a catalog raisonné / a collection of English music
  • MB Miðvágur, a Faroese football club from Miðvágur
  • Maurizio Bianchi as artist name in his earlier publications

Politics and Law

  • Muslim Brotherhood Muslim Brotherhood or English, a very significant especially in Egypt Islamist movement
  • Marburger Bund, an association of salaried and permanent doctors Germany eV, a representation stands and trade union for doctors in Germany
  • Ministerialbeauftragter
  • Marxist leaves
  • Milton Bryan, Tarnbezeichnung responsible for a British division in World War II for psychological warfare
  • Court order, see order for payment procedure
  • Membership fee in the Association Law
  • Sample terms and conditions of insurance, such as for legal expenses insurance, liability insurance, home insurance, or private health insurance
  • Marching orders


  • Mainboard or motherboard, the motherboard
  • Engineering
  • Megabyte, one million times the unit byte
  • Mail Back in SMS messages or letters
  • Multi- band, another word for braces
  • Molecular Beam, English for molecular beam


  • Mercedes -Benz, a German car brand
  • MB Games, a former U.S. American game and toy manufacturers, see Milton Bradley Company
  • MNG Airlines, the IATA code of the Turkish airline

The abbreviation stands for mb

  • Millibars, the thousandth part of the Unit Bar (unit) for pressure

The abbreviation stands for Mb

  • Megabase pairs ( Mbp also ) as an abbreviation for one million base pairs in molecular biology
  • Crohn's, the Latin word for disease. Widely used in medicine used in conjunction with the name of describer disease.

Featured in seismology

  • MB for body waves magnitude scale, see moment magnitude ( earthquake )
  • Mb for short-period body waves magnitude scale
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