MBA (disambiguation)

Mba is the surname of the following persons:

  • Aka - adeck Mba ( born 1979 ), Cameroonian football player
  • Casimir Oye- Mba ( born 1942 ), Gabonese politician
  • Sunday Mba (* 1988), Nigerian footballer

The abbreviation MBA stands for:

  • MacBook Air, featuring a lightweight Apple Notebook ( published Jan. 2008 )
  • Municipal District Office, part of the public municipal administration in Vienna, see Vienna City Administration
  • Main Belt asteroid, an asteroid in the main belt, see asteroid belt
  • Managed boot agent, a special BIOS boot routine for maintenance purposes
  • Engineering and rail demand AG, see Orenstein & Koppel
  • Master of Business Administration, an academic degree
  • Mechanical biological waste treatment, a process for treatment of waste
  • Mercedes -Benz Arena, Stuttgart a football stadium
  • Middle level of education, high school, in some federal states of Germany
  • Mombasa airport in Kenya ( IATA code )
  • Monobutylamine, a chemical, see n-butylamine
  • Mortgage Bankers Association, the industry association of real estate finance in the United States
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