Mbabane is the capital of Swaziland and at the same time also the capital of the administrative district Hhohho. The town of about 90,000 inhabitants located in the Mdimba Mountains. It is the administrative and economic center of the next Manzini country.

The city was founded after the Boer War in 1902 by the British, and in 1903 declared as administration headquarters of the Protectorate. It was named after the chief Mbabane Kunene, whose clan was living in the area.

The economic backbone of the city form the nearby tin and iron mines.


Mababane has a mild climate. The mean minimum temperatures fall during the winter months of June and July to around 7 ° C, the maximum values ​​reach but still almost 20 ° C. During the summer months of November to February, the average maximum values ​​rise to about 27 ° C, the minimum temperatures are between 14 ° C and then 17 ° C. During the winter, with monthly rainfall of 20 mm is dry, fall up to 180 mm of rain during the summer months each month.


In Mbabane, the Faculty of Health Sciences are ( " Medicine ") of the University of Swaziland and the Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa.


Mbabane maintains since 2004 a city partnership with Fort Worth in the USA.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Richard E. Grant ( born 1957 ), Swazi actor
  • Mark Elderkin ( b. 1963 ), American entrepreneur