MBDA S.A.S. is an integrated European defense company with locations in France, UK, Italy, Germany and Spain, which mainly focuses on the development and production of missiles. The company is the result of the merger of Aérospatiale -Matra Missiles (EADS), the missile division of Alenia Marconi Systems and Matra BAe Dynamics in 2001. 2011, the company employed approximately 10,000 people and had annual sales of € 3 billion and an order backlog of 10, 5 billion euros. By following the LFK - missile systems GmbH, a division of EADS Defence & Security, the MBDA has developed the world's best-selling suppliers for missile systems.

Shareholders of MBDA since February 2006, EADS (37.5%), BAE Systems ( 37.5 %) and the Italian company Finmeccanica (25 %).


The consolidation of the European missile industry began in 1996, when merged parts of Matra BAe Dynamics Defense and Matra BAe Dynamics to. Matra BAe Dynamics was one half of the division of Matra Hautes Technologies Matra Missiles and the other from (after the merger of Aerospatiale Matra and Aerospatiale -Matra in 1999 Missiles ). 2000 Aérospatiale -Matra became part of EADS.

1998 united GEC -Marconi Radar and Defence Systems and Alenia Difesa founded their business areas for missile and radar technology and Alenia Marconi Systems (AMS). In the same year GEC -Marconi was sold ( in Marconi Electronic Systems renamed) to British Aerospace and became part of the merged company BAE Systems.

In December 2001, the MBDA was established. 2003, the company has taken the world leading position for missile systems.

In June 2005, joined in the framework of European consolidation EADS / LFK - a division of EADS Defence and Security - MBDA to. On 1 March 2006, from the business unit EADS / LFK a 100 % subsidiary of MBDA. The MBDA has thus become the world's most heavily Supplier of missiles.

The LFK was renamed on 9 May 2012 and operates in Germany under the legal name MBDA Germany GmbH and together with its subsidiaries (among TDW Society for defense technical action mbH and Bayern-Chemie Society of flight chemical drives mbH) as well as various content companies such as the Taurus GmbH MBDA Germany.


Air - to-air missiles

  • AIM -132 ASRAAM
  • MBDA Meteor
  • MICA

Air - to-ground missile

  • Apache ( missile )
  • ALARM ( missile)
  • Brimstone
  • Storm Shadow ( cruise missiles )
  • Taurus ( cruise missiles )
  • AS.30
  • PGM (rocket)
  • ASMP missile
  • HOT ( missile )

Ground - to-ground missile

  • Eryx (antitank weapon)
  • PARS 3 LR
  • Fireshadow
  • KFK / Enforcer

Air defense and air defense

  • Medium Extended Air Defense System
  • Mistral ( missile)
  • Aster ( missile)
  • Missile New Generation
  • Aspide
  • Rapier ( missile)
  • Sea Wolf (rocket)

Anti-ship missiles

  • Exocet
  • Marte (rocket)
  • Milas (rocket)
  • Otomat