MC die microcomputer-zeitschrift (magazine)

The magazine was a mc from January 1981 until at least October 1996, published in German -language monthly computer magazine.

"Mc " stand for microcomputers, which has " The microcomputer magazine" was also reflected in the subtitle of the 1980s. It was co-founded by Herwig Feichtinger, which was initially also editor in chief and cost at this time from 6.00 to 6.50 DM The result was the mc of a fixed section of the radio show. Meanwhile, the subtitle was changed to " computer practice for technical users," finally " Cross-system, technically -oriented know -how ". With the July 1994 she appeared only as a supplement to the journal DOS International, but still had a circumference of about 45 pages. 1992-1993 published a total of five special issues entitled " Winbox. Special magazine for Windows users ".

Editor and later editor of the journal mc was Ulrich Rohde, who also co-founded in 1983 the WDR Computer Club. The mc was edited initially by Franzis Verlag, since July 1994 in the form of a leaflet enclosed by the DMV publishing as mc separately. The journal is listed in the journal database ( ZDB) under several ISSN: ISSN 0720-4442, ISSN 0722-0022, ISSN 0941- 777x and ISSN 0943-5409.

The mc was concerned - as the subtitle says - across systems with current technical issues in the field of computers and their networks, hardware, various databases, and programming. In recent editions, there were the headings "Basics", "Programming", "Technology Report" and " test " in which contributions in the style of scientific journals were written, as most informed introductions or summaries read for each topic could be. The editorial was accordingly occupied with scientists.

One of the most famous projects of the journal was based on the 6504 single-board CPU emuf.