McCloud (TV series)

A sheriff in New York ( original title McCloud ) was an American television series that was produced by Universal Television for NBC, and was first aired as part of the NBC Mystery Movies. Between 1970 and 1977 seven seasons came with 46 episodes of varying length ( between 60 and 120 minutes). The main role of the produced by Glen A. Larson series played Dennis Weaver. Among the guest stars included, among other things, Britt Ekland, Jane Seymour, George Hamilton, John Denver and Shelley Winters, the series was nominated for a total of six Emmy Awards.


In the pilot movie Sheriff Sam McCloud escort a prisoner from New Mexico to New York City, where he becomes involved in the investigation into a murder case. The plot is based significantly on Don Siegel film Coogan's big bluff of 1968, in which Clint Eastwood played the lead role. The screenwriter of the film was also involved in the series and was named as the creator of the characters. In the series, the contrast between the " country boys " and the city dwellers as well as the conflict between McCloud and his supervisor Peter B. Clifford was discussed frequently, which did not get along with the unconventional nature of the sheriff. In the series there were frequent pieces from Western films such as chases on horses using lassos.