McConnelsville, Ohio

Morgan County


McConnelsville is a village on the Muskingum River in Morgan County in the U.S. state of Ohio, about 100 km east of Columbus. McConnelsville has about 1,700 inhabitants (as of the 2000 census ), and is the seat of the administration of the County Morgan.

The historic city center was included as McConnelsville Historic District 1979 in the National Register of Historic Places ( NRHP) and are thus protected monument.


McConnelsville was founded in 1871 by Robert McConnel, a general in the American Revolutionary War. Before the abolition of slavery in the United States in 1865 McConnelsville was a station of the Underground Railroad for escaped slaves from the southern states.


  • Cydnor B. Tompkins (1810-1862), Republican congressman 1857-61.
  • James M. Gaylord (1811-1874), democratic congressman 1851-53.
  • William P. Sprague (1827-1899), Republican congressman 1871-75.
  • Emmet Tompkins (1810-1862), Republican congressman 1901-03, son of Cydnor B. Tompkins.
  • Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh (1853-1935), explorer and cartographer, participated in expeditions to the Colorado River, in part to Alaska, and Siberia.
  • Seth Thomas (1873-1962), federal judge on United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit from 1936-54.
  • James J. Gibson (1904-1979), psychologist, professor at Cornell University with a major in psychology of perception.