McDonnell XP-67

The McDonnell XP -67 Moonbat ( dt: Moon bat ) was the prototype of a twin-engine interceptor.


In the early 1940s wrote the U.S. Army Air Corps from a quick, height suitable hunter who should catch in long-distance use at high altitude enemy bombers.


The prototype was completed on 1 December 1943, first rolling tests, but already on December 8, 1943 fire damaged both engine nacelles the plane.

The prototype led on 6th January 1944 its first flight, which was finished after six minutes due to engine problems.

On September 6, 1944, the right engine came during a test flight on fire. The test pilot EE Elliott executed a forced landing on the Lambert Field, but could not prevent a total loss by fire. With the loss of the only prototype of the program was terminated.