McGregor River


The McGregor River is a right tributary of the Fraser River in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

The McGregor River has its origins in the 2094 m high Wishaw on Lake McGregor Pass in the Canadian Rockies. Its headwaters lies in the Kakwa Provincial Park and Protected Area. It flows at the beginning between the two mountains Wishaw Mountain and Mount Sir Alexander to the south, then turns northwest, receives the Kitchi Creek from the right and turn briefly to the southwest, to then turn to its main flow direction in the middle reaches to the northwest. He now flows in a parallel to the valley of the Fraser River extending mountain valley. To the east are now the Rocky Mountains and west of the McGregor Range, which is part of the Interior Plateau. Finally, the McGregor River meets its main tributary, the Herrick Creek, and turns in its lower reaches to the west. It reaches 55 km northeast of Prince George the Fraser River. The McGregor River has a length of about 180 km. At the level 08KB003 ( on underflow), the average runoff in a catchment area of 4,780 km ², 214 m³ / s

The middle reaches of the McGregor River is located in the transition zone between the southern and northern part of the Rocky Mountain Trench. This continues to the north in the valley of the Parsnip River. In the south it extends along the upper reaches of the Fraser River.

The river was named after the surveyor Captain James Herrick McGregor, who fell in World War I at the second battle of Ypres in Belgian Flanders in 1915.