McLaren MP4-28

Sergio Pérez in the MP4 -28 in testing pre-season in Barcelona

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The McLaren MP4 -28 is the Formula 1 racecar of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes for the 2013 Formula 1 season. He is the 41th McLaren Formula 1 cars. The car was unveiled on January 31, 2013 in Woking. The presentation was broadcast live on the Internet platform YouTube.

Technology and Development

The MP4 -28 is the successor model of the MP4- 27th The car has a higher front than its predecessor and hides the resulting " nasal hump " by the newly introduced Eitelkeitsblende. The carriage developed by Paddy Lowe said in a Mercedes -Benz FO 108F, V8 engine with a displacement of 2.4 liters, of an output of around 550 kW ( ≈ 750 bhp) is driven developed. The KERS is a development of Mercedes, the brakes come from Akebono, the wheels from Enkei and the tire supplier Pirelli, the unit is available.

Like all Formula 1 cars, the 2013 season is the MP4 -28 equipped with KERS and DRS.

The MP4 -28 is an evolution of the previous model, but clearly changed as the cars of the competition as most other vehicles of the 2013 season. The higher solid nose of the car creates more space for an improved airflow under the car. In addition, the front suspension works with tie rods instead of struts, which lowers the center of gravity in front of the car and ensures that the air flow from the front wing can be better used. By the side boxes further back offset improved air management is also achieved at the rear. At the rear wheels drive shaft and control arms are now combined into one element.

Paint and sponsorship

The MP4 -28 is chrome. The boxes, as well as the parts of the front and rear wing are painted red in reference to the main sponsor Vodafone. Other sponsors stickers come from Mobil 1, Hugo Boss and TAG Heuer.


Jenson Button continued with McLaren. His new team-mate was the former Sauber driver Sergio Pérez, who came into the team in place of Lewis Hamilton.

Season 2013

The season was bad for the McLaren team. The MP4 -28 was in the first race of the year deficits. McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh was quoted as saying: " There is evidence that something is wrong with the car ." In the first half of the season, the McLaren drove only in the middle. In July 2013 Whitmarsh announced the MP4 -28 to set the trends, in order to concentrate on the development of the vehicle for 2014.

After the tire for the Grand Prix of Hungary were brought by Pirelli on the state of the pre-season, McLaren has stabilized and regularly drove with two drivers in the points. Button achieved the best result of the season for the team at the last race of the season, the Brazilian Grand Prix, finishing fourth. After one could still win seven races in the previous year, reached for the first time since 1980, no McLaren driver a podium finish. At the end of the season McLaren finished fifth in the Constructors' World Championship.