MDR Musiksommer

The MDR Music Summer is existing since 1992, three federal states (Saxony, Saxony -Anhalt and Thuringia ) cross- music festival of the MDR. It started with 15 concerts and included a maximum of 104 concerts. In the future, a number of concert about 60 should be maintained, particularly the parity between the countries is taken into account.

The festival covers the otherwise rather weak event in July and August, in which the tourism industry needs culture as a magnet for visitors. So the events to revitalize the regions contribute. Invited are primarily international stars, artists and ensembles and those from the transmission area of the MDR. The third pillar supporting program are the concerts with the orchestras of the MDR. As venues approximately 90% fixed and 10 % included in each new year. There are mainly historic and tourist interest buildings, such as the Semper Opera House in Dresden, the Wartburg Eisenach or the Cathedral of Magdeburg.

It is characterized by the breakdown of most concerts in concert series, such as " Johann Sebastian Bach and his cities ", " concerts along the Romantic Road ," " concerts at the Wartburg " or the series of contemporary music " noise sound ". New features since 2004 the series "Living monasteries " and as of 2006 the series "Garden of Dreams". The spectrum of the music played ranges from the beginning of the first millennium to the present modernity. Primary, the periods of classical music from the Baroque to the Modern, but operated more and more cross-over projects and jazz / folk elements.

The audience consists of about 70 % indigenous ( within 50 km) and about 30 % tourist audience. The tendency is towards regulars, come of which over 50 % from the Altbundesgebiet. From the average of 60 concerts will be about 15 to 20 of MDR Figaro sent or recorded live.