Mean Streak

Mean Streak at Cedar Point ( Sandusky, Ohio, USA) is a wooden roller coaster manufacturer Dinn Corporation, which was opened on 11 May 1991.

The designed by Curtis D. Summers train was at the time of its opening with a height of 49 m, the tallest wooden roller coaster in the world.


On the equipped with twelve hills 1654 m long track, many curves, sections by driving at high speed as well as moments are negative g - forces ( see airtime). Here, the train passes also nine times the structure of the web, which comes very close to the train, so-called Head Chopper.

Mean Streak has three trains, each with seven cars. In each car four people can (two rows of two people) take place. Passengers must be at least 1.22 m tall to ride allowed. As restraint system come headrests, individually snap lap bar and seat belts are used.