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Mechel OAO (Russian Мечел - челябинский металлургический комбинат, German transcription Mechel, Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Combine actually translated ) is a leading mining and mining companies from Russia, headquartered in Moscow. The company is listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange in the RTS Index and Exchange traded on the New York Stock.

Mechel promotes coal, iron ore, nickel, chromium, and produces steel and stainless steel products.

The company has production facilities in Russia, Romania and Lithuania.


  • Mechel Russia Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant - Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk Oblast
  • Izhstal - Izhevsk; Udmurt Republic
  • Belorezk Metallurgical Plant - Belorezk, Bashkortostan
  • Uralskaya Kuznitsa, Chebarkul - Chelyabinsk Oblast
  • Moskow Coke Gas Works - Vidnoye, Moscow Oblast
  • Vyartsilsky Metizny Plant - Wjartsilja, Republic of Karelia
  • Mechel Steel Romania Mechel Targoviste - Targoviste
  • Mechel Câmpia Turzii - Câmpia Turzii
  • Mechel Steel Lithuania Mechel Nemunas - Kaunas
  • Mechel Ferro Alloy (stainless steel) Tikhvin smelter - Tikhvin, Leningrad Oblast
  • Voskhod chrome nickel mine Shevchenko - Chromtau, Kazakhstan
  • South Urals Nickel Cottage - Orsk, Orenburg Oblast
  • Bratsk Stainless steel - Irkutsk Oblast
  • Mechel Mining coal Southern Kuzbass Coal Company - Meschduretschensk, Kemerovo Oblast.
  • Jakutugol - Sakha Republic; Yakutia; Far East
  • Elgaugol - Sakha Republic; Yakutia; Far East
  • Mines: Korschunowski, Rudnogorski, Tatjaninski
  • Processing: Korschunowski GOK - Zheleznogorsk - Ilimski, Irkutsk Oblast
  • Mechel transport Mechel Transport Company: 3,600 wagons
  • Mechel ports Posjet Far East, Sea of ​​Japan
  • Kambarka 116 km southeast of Izhevsk at the Kama; Udmurt Republic
  • Temryuk - Sotra Temryuk on the Azov Sea
  • Mechel power generation and distribution Southern Kuzbass GRES in Kaltan, Kemerovo Oblast
  • Kuzbass Power Supply Company
  • Takeovers and acquisitions 2007 49% Toplofikatsia Ruse - power plant in Ruse; Bulgaria
  • Ductil Steel - Romania - 221 Mill $
  • Jakutugol Elgaugol - Sakha Republic; Yakutia; Far East
  • Bratsk Stainless steel - 187 million $
  • Kuzbass Power Supply Company - 49% of 44 million dollars
  • Southern Kuzbass GRES in Kaltan; 93% for 265 million dollars
  • 2008 Oriel Resources ( nickel chromium); $ 1.5 billion
  • 2008 HBL Holding ( Germany ), service and metal trade
  • 2009 Bluestone Coal Corp.. (Coal) U.S. $ 570 million

2007 Mechel was awarded the contract for the coal companies Jakutugol and Elgaugol at an auction. According to experts, the coal reserves could be up to 30-40 billion tonnes in the region.


The mine is located 800 km south of Yakutsk and reduces Russia's largest coal deposit. The Elga deposit consists of power and coking coal; Inventories amounted to 2.1 billion tons. This makes it one of the largest coal deposits in the world. Mining commenced in August 2011 until year-end, a million tons of coal should be encouraged and the planned annual production after reaching full production is 27 million tons year.

In order to develop the coal of the Baikal- Amur Mainline (BAM ) is built a 315 km long railway connection as well as a road. Parallel to this in Wanino the largest bulk port in the Far East.

From 2012, the coal trains from Elga on the 2000 km from the port are to roll. 25 million tons to Together with the support from the Nerjungrinski open pit there annually 15 million tons, from 2015, are handled. In order to transport this amount of coal to the Pacific, up to 220 locomotives and 12,000 wagons will be in use. At 150,000 -tonne freighter aircraft, the coal then leaves Russia toward Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

2010-2030 supplies Mechel Russian Railways annually 400,000 tons of rails.