Mechower See


Nature reserve, conservation area, EU bird sanctuary

The Mechower Lake is a eutrophic ( mesotrophic originally ) glacial Rinnensee within the biosphere reserve Schaalsee. It is located directly on the border between Mecklenburg- Vorpommern ( Mecklenburg County North West ) and Schleswig -Holstein.


The Mechower lake has an outflow with Baek, who ran in the early modern period of at least five barrages copper or copper hammer mills. It is located on the watershed between Lake Ratzeburg and Schaalsee.

On Mechower lake exists on the long north-east shore just a place with access to water. This is south of impact village. Access is via a dirt road within walking distance of the village and is used as swimming. In addition, here is a larger bridge.

All along the East bank runs parallel to the lake a trail over which these bathing area is also reachable. At the starting point of the trail ( on the regional road L01 ) is a large car park for anglers and hikers. In the vicinity of the L01 are several boat landings and another swimming.


The Mechower lake lay in GDR times, the border with the Federal Republic of Germany and could not be entered with its adjoining areas. Since 1992, the Mechower lake is designated as a nature reserve, the area is classified as poor condition due to heavy nutrient inputs. He is part of a bird sanctuary and conservation area. Numerous species of birds such as eagles, Eurasian Hobby, Red Kite, Hawk, Tundra Swan, and various ducks and geese find a habitat.

Green Belt

The nature reserve is due to the secluded location for several decades on the inner German border now part of the so-called Green Belt. The nature reserves (NSG ) in the area of the Green Belt in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern are (from north to south) in Schaalsee the NSG Wakenitzrestaurant lowlands, chamber rupture, Campower bluff Kiekbuschwiesen at Neuhof, Mechower lake, Goldensee, Techin to continue the NSG Wall Moor, Piper Moor / Mühlbachtal, Stecknitz Delvenau as well as in the nature park Mecklenburgisches Elbetal the NSG Elbhang Four Forest, Elbdeichvorland, Rüterberg, inland dunes in small Schmölen and Löcknitztal - Altlauf.