Mecklenburgische Kleinseenplatte

In Office Mecklenburg small lakes, two cities and three municipalities have joined together to do their administrative business based in Mirow. On 1 July 2004, the Office of the resolved Ämterm Mirow and Wesenberg was formed. It is in the south of the county Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern, bordering the counties top Havel and Ostprignitz- Ruppin.

The extraordinary landscape of the Mecklenburg Lake District and the tourism associated dominate the office area.

Towns and cities with their suburbs

  • City Mirow with the districts Diemitz Fleeth, Granzow, Peetsch and Starsow
  • Priepert with the district Radensee
  • Roggentin with the districts Babke, Blankenförde, Kakeldütt, Leussow, Qualzow and Schiller village
  • City Wesenberg with the districts Ahrensberg, Belov, Hartland, Small Quassow, Pelzkuhl, punishment and Zirtow
  • Wustrow with the districts Canow, Drosedow, Green Plan New Canow, New Drosedow, Neuwustrow, Pälitzhof and Seewalde