Medal "For Distinction in Military Service"

The medal "For distinction in military service " (Russian Медаль « За отличие в воинской службе ") was a military decoration of the former Soviet Union, which was created on 28 October 1974 in two classes. By the spring of 1981 about 3000 soldiers were awarded the Medal of the First Class, as well as about 25,000 soldiers with the second class. Until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991, there should be 20,000 or 120,000 Entrusted.

Award conditions

The medal in both classes was awarded for outstanding military achievements and contributions to peace. It ensures that all members of the Soviet army, the naval fleet, the border troops and the troops of the Interior could be appreciated. Concrete award condition were excellent achievements in the political and combat training, with exercises and maneuvers. Furthermore, in the military for bravery, selflessness and other merits during military service. The Erstverleihung I class took place on March 24, 1975, to the soldiers WA Spirin, who was considered by his valiant conduct in the arrest of armed criminals with this award. The Erstverleihung the second class was already on 27 February 1975.

Stylish look and manner

The medal of the first class is made of brass and golden shimmer. The second class consists, however, of nickel silver. Both have the form of a domed five-pointed star whose interstices are filled with five signs. On these the emblems of the armed forces of the Red Army, Army Navy Air Force and two weapons grade weapons genera artillery tanks are shown. The distance from the beam peak to peak beam is 38 mm. The obverse shows a aufgelegtes center medallion with a diameter of 23 mm and displays the left -turned Portraits of a soldier (front), a sailor (middle) and an Airman (rear). This symbolism is surrounded by a ring signature with the above semicircular inscription: За отличие в воинской службе ( For distinction in military service ) and two crossed Loorbeerzweigen in the lower half of the ring. The reverse of the coin is kept smooth and empty.

Was driven medal at the upper left side of the chest Beliehenen at a red rectangular clasp with edging. In the tape on both sides three millimeters away from the edge are woven two vertical green center strip. In addition, a star in the color of the lent class is centrally placed. The interim clasps are however of the same nature and show no differences conferred class.