Medeweger See


The Medeweger lake lies in a subglacial meltwater channel and is a long, narrow, eutrophic lake in the northwest of Schwerin, which was created during the Ice Age.


The lake is 2.1 km long and about 1.1 km wide in the north, in the southern part it is narrower. The average water depth is about ten meters, which means a stable temperature stratification can form itself. The catchment area has a size of 113 km ². The lake is situated in the conservation area " Inner Lake Schwerin and Ziegelaußensee " has an almost closed reed belt along the riverbanks and is drained by the Aubach. The lake is designated as drinking water protection zone. On the west bank is the waterworks Gosewinkel.

Flora and Fauna

In the area of the lake, among others, thread - leaved pondweed, mare's tail, seven species of amphibians, the grass snake, 169 butterfly and 18 species of dragonflies and otters occur. Surveys of fishermen showed a high incidence of eels, pike, perch, sinkers, roach and pike.