Medford (Oregon)

Jackson County


Medford is a city in Jackson County in the U.S. state of Oregon. It covers 56.2 km ² ( 21.7 mi ² ) of Bear Creek Valley in Southern Oregon. Medford, was formed in the early 1880s as the "Middle Ford " for a new railway line from Oregon to California, which ran through the center of Bear Creek Valley. A native of Medford, Massachusetts railroad engineer David Loring had the name shortened " Middel Ford " to his hometown of Medford.

On February 24, 1885, the city of Medford was formally established. Medford has grown from a small community up to be the largest city in Southern Oregon and was appointed county seat of Jackson County. The population of Medford is steadily increasing. In 2000, she then stood at 63 154 inhabitants, 74 907 of 2010 inhabitants.


" Bear Creek ", the largest direct marketing company for fruit and food products in the United States is based in Medford. The company is the second largest employer in Oregon, it has 3,500 permanent employees and about 10,000 seasonal workers. Bear Creek was founded in 1886 to commercialize the harvest from the orchards of the Rogue Valley and sell.


In the Siskiyou Mountains are located south-east of the Medford Oregon Caves National Monument, a stalactite cave in Marble and south of the Cascade - Siskiyou National Monument, a protected area of outstanding biodiversity.


The Italian city of Alba ( Piedmont) since 1960 twin city of Medford.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Henry Sheldon Fitch (1909-2009), zoologist and herpetologist
  • Vic Snyder ( b. 1947 ), politician
  • Lisa Rinna ( born 1963 ), actress and presenter
  • Jonathan Stark (born 1971 ), former American tennis player
  • Jason James Richter ( born 1980 ), actor and musician
  • Kellin Quinn ( born 1986 ), musician
  • Kyle Singler (* 1988), basketball player
  • Teo Olivares (* 1990), actor