Medina (Ohio)

Medina County


Medina is a city in Medina County, Ohio, United States. The population in 2008 was estimated at 26,380. The total area of the village is 29.3 km ². It is the county seat of Medina County.


Creation and growth

Medina was founded in 1816 on the territory of the former Connecticut Western Reserve and hosted from the beginning to the administrative center of the County. The foundation of the city, there were originally 237 acres of land available for those attracted many settlers from Connecticut. Medina was officially registered as a church in 1835.

The city grew more restrained at the beginning, but began with the completion of the Ohio - Erie Canal in the 1830s, steady growth, so in 1890, 2073 people lived in Medina. With the connection to the railway network, the city became the trade center for goods in importance. In the 20th century it benefited amplified by the influx of citizens from Cleveland, so that Medina was the second largest municipality in the County in 2000.

Fire disasters in the 19th century

In the 19th century occurred in Medina two fire disasters: First, a fire destroyed in 1848 the entire business district. In 1870, again burned down 45 buildings. They had failed after the first fire, to ensure that sufficient equipment was provided for fire fighting. The second fire was at the time considered to be one of the most devastating in America; nevertheless significant money has been invested in firefighting in Medina until 1877.

After the fire of 1870 it took about a decade to the destroyed buildings were replaced in the center of the city. This explains that these houses now correspond more like Victorian architecture in the city center, the only spread some time after the founding of the city.


In the census of 2000 the city had 25,139 inhabitants, distributed to 9,467 households and 6,683 families. The population density was 872.1 inhabitants thus / km ². 94.6 % of the population were white, 2.77% African American. In 40.3 % of households were living children under 18 years. The average income was 50 226 U.S. dollars per household, with 5.7% of the population were below the poverty line.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Scott E. Fahlman ( born 1948 ), professor of computer science
  • Bobby Rahal ( born 1953 ), race car driver