Medinaceli [ me.ð ' θ ] is a place in Soria province of the Autonomous Community of Castile -Leon in Spain. To the municipality of the same name also the hamlets Arbujuelo, Azcamellas, Beltejar, Benamira, Blocona, Esteras de Medinaceli, Fuencaliente de Medinaceli, Lodares, Medinaceli, Salinas de Medinaceli and Torralba del belong morality. The place name comes from the Arabic Madīnat Salīm (City of Selim ). In Roman times the city was called Occilis; from that time the only remaining three-doors triumphal arch of Spain is received.

The place is divided into an old city and a new part, which developed in the course of the twentieth century near the railway station. This barrio nuevo with its proximity to transport infrastructure accommodates the economic and administrative institutions. The city has come under criticism because of the world " Toro Jubilo " festival. In this cruel spectacle a living bull balls or balls of tar or other combustible materials are gespiest and lit on the horns. Then the bull becomes helpless and burning chased through the streets for the sheer amusement of onlookers villagers. The bull tried to extinguish the flames by repeatedly against walls or walls skin, his head but the balls burn indelibly on the pain. Slowly and painfully burning the horns, the eyes and the skin of the bull. Many animal protection groups and organizations are up in arms against this cruelty to animals and call it hard as a " barbaric act ". However unsuccessful, the " Toro Jubilo " is still held every year.