Medium (Latin medium = middle, center ) may refer to:

  • Medium, generally something in the middle Befindliches, between Lying


  • Medium ( communication ), a collective term for communication and concepts, usually used in the plural form media
  • Medium magazine, published since 1986, a trade magazine for journalists, based in Frankfurt am Main
  • Medium, a magazine published in 1995 set the Community the Protestant journalism

Science and Technology:

  • Propagation medium, in physics, a substance or a structure in which propagating waves
  • In process, the material of a filter, see Filtration
  • Dispersion medium, take a substance that other substances in chemistry may
  • Nutrient medium, a nutrient solution or culture medium for organisms
  • Transmission technology in computer science
  • In computer science, a short form of storage medium, see data storage


  • Verbi medium ( grammar), a standing between active and passive genus


  • Medium ( person), in occultism, a person who can supposedly Connect with ghosts or dead

Other meanings:

  • In Food Science a certain doneness, see cooking temperature
  • The medium, an opera by Gian Carlo Menotti
  • Medium - Nothing is hidden, an American television series
  • An international clothing size (M)

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