The Medvednica considered, from the castle of Medvedgrad

The Medvednica, the Bear Mountain ( kroat. Medvjed = Bear) is a small mountain range that separates the Croatian capital Zagreb from the adjacent area north of the Croatian Zagorje. He is also Zagrebacka gora (mountain country of Zagreb) called.

The Medvednica Nature Park covers 228 km ², a large part of this mountainous region, of the 64 percent are forested (especially summer and holm oak, beech, fir ). More stringent protection measures apply to individual forest reserves, ecosystems and geological formations within the park. The core of the mountain consists of greenschist from the Paleozoic, are found at lower elevations and younger rock layers from the Mesozoic and Tertiary.

The Medvednica is a very popular recreation destination of Zagreb's population as it can be reached from the city center in a short time. The largely intact natural and diverse scenery is accessible through many trails and mountain huts. In winter it is a popular ski resort with several ski runs and ski lifts - the best equipped in northern Croatia. Some sled downhill courses have been around for a long time.

About halfway up the mountain massif lies the medieval castle Medvedgrad with an official memorial to the victims of war. Also worth seeing is the Veternica cave in the southwestern part, which was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Since 1209 the name Mons Ursi is (Latin for " bear mountain") handed down.

The highest point of the Medvednica Sljeme (1,032 m ), where numerous transmitter systems, a mountain hotel and shelters are located. The mountain can be reached from Zagreb with a cable car in the ZET or on a road. 1870 was built here a wooden observation tower, the first in Croatia. Today, a platform used on the TV tower that purpose.

In January 2005, the first women's World Cup slalom in Croatia took place here, in honor of the highly successful skier Janica Kostelic. Since then, the so-called Snow Queen Trophy is held every winter, where, since 2008, the men's slalom will be performed.

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