Meesiger is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District. The community is located about 17 kilometers southwest of Demmin. It belongs to the Office Demmin country that has its headquarters in the former county town of Demmin. Until July 1, 2004 Meesiger belonged to the Official Borrentin.

Geography and transport

Meesiger is located about 14 km north of Stavenhagen. The B 194 runs to the east of the church. The municipality is located on the shores of Lake Kummerow.


  • Meesiger
  • Gravelotte

History and Economics

Meesiger was first mentioned on March 21, 1255.

On the Origin of Gravelotte is reported as follows: " It consisted of a property and should remember the same battle in the Franco-German War of 1870/ 71 at the local founder Fritz Ewald had participated. " ( Source unknown)

Apart from a larger farm the place lives mainly from tourism and offers a hotel accommodation with private landlords and a campsite.


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  • Lake Kummerow
  • Church Meesiger; Late Gothic Feldstein and brick church, nave from the 17th century