Mehmels is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Thuringia. It belongs to the administrative community to Wasungen official sand, which has its headquarters in the city Wasungen.

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Mehmels lies between the Thuringian Forest and the High Rhön in the southwest of Thuringia.


The village was mentioned in 1285 as Meynboldesdorf in a declaration authorized by Count Henry II of Henneberg deed of sale for the first time. Mehmels went from the late 13th century to various landlords and monasteries fief and in the mid- 14th century by the noble family of those of aurochs knighted seat. The place was in the hen bergischen Office Wasungen, which belonged to the Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen from 1680.

Mehmels 1612 was affected by witch hunts: Two people were executed in the witch trials: Kate Halbig and Anna grams.


The municipal council of Mehmels consists of one councilor and 5 councilors who belong to the FWG Mehmels. (As at municipal election on June 6, 2010)

As honorary mayor Anke Teichmann was chosen.

Culture and sights


The story of Mehmels can be viewed in the Heimatstuben. In addition to expert guides when visiting the home office home office offers lectures on the history of days gone by, listed buildings of the town and the development and history of the village crafts.

Regular events

  • Village festival in July
  • Traditional barn fair, in autumn

Economy and infrastructure


Through the town runs from the L 2619 Oberkatz after Wasungen. At the junction of the K 2520 in the west of the town, which leads to Solz that appearing in the picture signpost stone from the beginning of the 20th century, another sign of old times is ( year illegible ) stands at the community center.

Mehmels is located five kilometers south-west of Wasungen. There are by the federal highway 19 and a station on the railway line parallel Eisenach -Meiningen, the nearest links to the supra-local transport network. Weekday bus lines connect the 411 and 412 of the Meiningen GmbH Busbetriebs Mehmels with Meiningen.


Signpost at the Municipal House

Church seen from the graveyard

Plaques in the churchyard wall, reminiscent of the former cemetery, which was here from 1300 to 1865.

Year 1813 on the south-west door of the church, which probably indicates the construction of the current church year.