Mehrabad International Airport

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The Mehrabad International Airport is located in Tehran, Iran. The airfield of the airport was created in 1938 and 1949, recognized as an international airport by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The expansion of the regular international flight operations began in 1955 with the first paved airstrip and airport terminal 1

At the time of commissioning of the airport he was outside the city of Tehran. Due to the expansion of the urban area of the airport is now in built-up urban area. It is located about five kilometers west of the city center.

Airport Profile

Terminals 1 and 2 were used for international flights. Opened in 2000, Terminal 4 is used for incoming national connections and terminal 6 for outgoing national calls. Terminal 5 is the " pilgrim - terminal ". Since 2008, the Mehrabad airport was replaced for the majority of international flights by the newly built Imam Khomeini airport, apart from flights to Saudi Arabia during Hajj and Umrah Muslim. Mehrabad today is the regional hub of Iran Air and Iran Air Tours.