Meier Schwarz

Meier Schwarz ( born 1926 in Nuremberg, Germany) is a former Israeli Hydro biologist.


Meier Black has come as the son of Jewish parents in Nuremberg to the world. His father, Ludwig Schwarz, by profession a merchant, born in Egenhausen / Ansbach, was an officer in World War I and recipient of the Iron Cross first class and head of the " Adas Israel " community. He was murdered in September 1937 by the National Socialists. His mother, Meta née Stern, born in Meadow Creek / Rothenburg, died in 1940 at the lack of medication. His only brother Joseph was last Hachshara head in Neuendorf Fiirstenwalde and was murdered at Auschwitz in 1943.

After the Kristallnacht the family succeeded to organize for Meier Black emigration on a Kindertransport to Jerusalem. At 15, he co-founded the kibbutz Hafez Haijim and participated actively in the Hagana and the Illegal Immigration in Europe. At the age of 21 years he was commander of the Ocean Vigour, with a portion of the Exodus passengers were taken to Germany as part of Operation Oasis. After that he worked as an educator and worked in agriculture. He spent twenty years in the kibbutz Hafez Haijim, more 14 years in Petach Tikva, and has lived since 1973, and he acts in the Old City of Jerusalem.

His academic achievements include the development of hydroponics ( Soilles - Cultures ), that permits the minimum watering plants in desert areas. In this capacity, he took a doctorate in Plant Physiology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

His research activities related to hydroponics ( Soilless - Cultures ). In this area, he pursued research and providing technical assistance available abroad, including Germany and the USA ( for NASA ).

Black was president of the International Society for Soilless Culture ( ISOSC ), founder of the Natural Sciences Department of Education high school teaching at the Jerusalem College and Technology College and president of the international association of religious scientists. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Haifa.

Since 1988 he has been actively involved in the work for the synagogue memorial book series as director of the Synagogue Memorial and away from Ashkenaz, and Chairman of the Association CENTRA, the representation of German-Jewish immigrants of the years 1930-50 to Israel.

Meier Schwarz is a member of the Association of Israeli organizations, Holocaust survivor and upholds the surviving German Jews. In addition, Meier Schwarz is a member of the advisory board of the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem.


  • 70 scientific reports and four books


  • Federal Cross of Merit, First Class
  • Honorary citizen of the city of Jerusalem
  • Honorary title of " Yakir " awarded by the Ministry of Education