Meir Shalev

Meir Shalev (Hebrew מאיר שלו; born July 29, 1948 in Nahallal, Israel) is an Israeli writer who lives in Jerusalem. He is the son of the poet Yitzchak Shalev Jerusalem and a cousin of the writer Zeruya Shalev.


Since the end of the Six Day War, during which he had been fired accidentally from their own ranks on a patrol, Meir Shalev committed to the return of the occupied territories. After studying psychology Shalev began his career with satirical programs on television and radio. In the first Israeli television channel, he hosted Erev Shabbat ( " Friday night ").

1988 his first book was published in a Russian novel. In addition to novels, he also writes non-fiction books on religious subjects and children's books.


For many years, Meir Shalev wrote a weekly column in the weekend edition of the newspaper Jedi'ot Aharonot. There he commented ironically the Israeli government's policies and deplores the situation of the Israeli population. He is convinced that Israel is not "home of democracy and in the backyard apartheid " can maintain. He is responsible for the two-nation and two-state model. Israel should give up the land it occupied in 1967. The Palestinians need to break away finally from the territories lost in 1948. He is not sure whether the Jewish state will survive yet another forty years because the areas of education, research, welfare, health would be neglected in favor of problems arising from the occupation of the disputed territories.



  • A Russian novel (in Hebrew in 1988 under the title " רומן רוסי " )
  • Esau's kiss (in Hebrew in 1991 under the title " עשו " )
  • Judith's love (Hebrew, 1994 under the title " כימים אחדים " )
  • In the House of the Great woman, Diogenes, Zurich 2000, ISBN 3-257-23326-4 (Hebrew 1998 under the title " בביתו במדבר " )
  • Fontanelle (Hebrew, 2002 under the title " פונטנלה " ), Diogens -TB, Zurich 2006 ( first edition 2004), ISBN 978-3-257-23554-8.
  • The boy and the Dove (2007)
  • My Russian grandmother and her American Vacuum Cleaner, Diogenes TB 24200, Zurich, 2012 ( first edition 2011), ISBN 978-3-257-24200-3.


  • The Fall of Man, a stroke of luck? Old Stories from the Bible retold. From the Hebrew translated by Ruth Melcer. Diogenes, Zurich 1997, ISBN 3-257-06155-2; 5th edition as Diogenes TB 23099, Zurich 1999, ISBN 978-3-257-23099-4.
  • Getting started: The first love, the first laugh, the first dream and other first times in the Bible, translated by Ruth Achlama, Diogenes TB 24152, Zurich 2011, ISBN 978-3-257-24152-5.

Children's Books

  • Lucy, the louse
  • Papa annoying
  • How the Neanderthals invented the kebab
  • The tractor in the sandbox
  • Hannah's dimples