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Meitingen is a market in the district of Augsburg.

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Meitingen is located in Lech Valley halfway between the cities of Augsburg and Donauwörth.


  • Meitingen, capital
  • Erlingen, village Marriage churches (even marriage Kirch), wasteland
  • Long Rich mill hamlet
  • Zeise Ried, Weiler

Neighboring communities

  • Beaver Brook (District of Augsburg)
  • Ellgau (Landkreis Augsburg)
  • Kühlenthal (Landkreis Augsburg)
  • Langweid am Lech (Landkreis Augsburg)
  • Thierhaupten (Landkreis Augsburg)
  • Todtenweis ( Aichach- Friedberg )
  • Wertingen ( district of Dillingen an der Donau)
  • Westendorf ( Landkreis Augsburg)


Meitingen 1231 is first mentioned in a document. In Herbertshofen and marriage in the hamlet church, the cathedral chapter of Augsburg had the ground and held local rule. Since the Imperial Diet of 1803, the town belonged to Bavaria. In the course of administrative reform in Bavaria, was born with the congregation of 1818, the current community. In 1844, the Ludwig South - North Railway reached the place Meitingen. The completion of the Lech channel ended in 1920, a series of devastating floods by the river Lech.

In 1928, the ecumenical pacifist -oriented Catholic priest Max Josef Metzger founded the Christ the King house in St. Wolfgang Street 14 Because of its involvement in the international peace movement, he was the Nazi rulers of an eyesore. After a denunciation he was assassinated in April 1944 in Brandenburg -Gorden. His body rests in the local cemetery since 1968. His grave, a memorial plaque at Christ the King house, a road and a school name reminiscent of his work.

With the completion of the hydroelectric plant of Lech channel 1923 the foundation stone was laid for the industrialization Meitingens. Until June 30, 1972 Meitingen belonged to the district of Wertingen.

As a result of growth and importance for the surrounding area Meitingen was raised in 1989 to the market.


On January 1, 1972, incorporated the then independent municipality Erlingen in the context of local government reform. On July 1, Herbertshofen and Ostendorf were added. On May 1, 1978, added a long rich.


Market council

Distribution of seats in the 24-member council market (as local elections 2008 ):

  • Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CSU ): 9 seats
  • Social Democratic Party of Germany ( SPD): 3 seats
  • Free Lech Valley voters Community ( FLW ): 4 seats
  • Free electoral group Meitingen ( FWG ): 2 seats
  • Non-political choice - Community ( UWG): 3 seats
  • Young citizens Union ( JBU ): 2 seats
  • Free Wählergemeinschaft ( FWGem ): 1 seat

Mayor Michael Higl (CSU )

Coat of arms

The coat of arms shows a silver bear with gold necklace on a silver cross flow on a red background. The coat of arms was the coat of arms of the old local nobility of Meitingen, which also led the same name as the place used. Instead of a black bear with a gold background, the colors white and red were chosen to remember the former Territorial Belonging to the Margraviate of Burgau ( until 1802 ). In this coat of arms also dominated by the colors white and red

Community partnership

Meitingen maintains since 1973 a community partnership with the City Pouzauges in Vendée (France).


Economy and infrastructure

A nationally important company is the MDAX company SGL Carbon by going back to the 1923 site in Meitingen. Products are graphite electrodes and ceramic discs.

Another company are founded in what is now the district Herbertshofen 1970 Lech- steel works as a manufacturer of steel bar, semi-finished and reinforcing steel.


In the community Meitingen there are the following schools: Elementary school Meitingen, elementary school Herbertshofen, middle school, Staatliche Realschule ( Dr. Max Josef Metzger - school).


Meitingen is right on the main road between two Donauwörth and Augsburg. Running parallel to the railway line between Nuremberg and Augsburg. The stations Meitingen and Herbertshofen be approached only by regional trains.

Established businesses

Meitingen is a regional center of industry and commerce. The companies are mainly concentrated in industrial areas.

  • Blaschke Environmental is headquartered in Meitingen
  • LASS Traders GbR, headquartered in Meitingen
  • SGL Carbon has a branch in Meitingen